Bringing quality theatre to our regional community

Welcome to Tamworth Dramatic Society, where you can get involved in local community theatre in many different capacities. Take a look through our site to see images from our past productions and get news on our upcoming productions. Please get in touch with questions.


Our Story

Who are we?

Tamworth Dramatic Society is a group of friends who come together to create beautiful, ephemeral moments of live theatre in the Tamworth region and beyond.



Fill out this form to apply to become a member of Tamworth Dramatic Society for 2022. This covers you until the 2022 Annual General Meeting, usually held in February each year. The membership fee for 2022 is $20, which allows you to work with us on all of our events in many different capacities (pending audition) and an invite to our annual Christmas Party.

Constitution & Code of Practice

Click here to read Tamworth Dramatic Society's Constitution and Code of Practice. These must be read and followed by all members. These documents outlines a number of aspects of the society, including information on membership, the committee and policies regarding discrimination, bullying and harassment.

Privacy Policy

Upcoming Events

Alice in Wonderland

Information for Alice in Wonderland can be found here: Alice Info Deck.pptx



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