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6x30 Podcast: About
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6 x 30 Podcast

Everything You Need to Know:

Do you have a story you want to tell?

​Once "Yes, Prime Minister" wraps on the August 12, TDS will be launching the 6x30 podcast project.

​What is it?

​The podcast project will be six stand alone, full cast, audio dramas, each planned to be 30 minutes long (hence the 6x30 title).

​These audio dramas will be written, produced and performed by TDS members.

​How can you get involved?

  • Initially, we are calling for submissions from current and future members, where ever you are located, who want to write an episode.

  • As these will be audio dramas you can choose any genre, time period or setting you like, no need to worry about a budget!

  • All stories should be an original creation of yours, or clearly in the public domain, please no fan fiction.

  • You can submit multiple proposals, only one proposal per author will be selected for production.

  • ​The six successful applicants will be given access to a Masterclass subscription where they will be able to access writing webinars from top professional authors and scriptwriters such as Neil Gaiman, Aaron Sorkin, Shonda Rimes and Margaret Atwood.

  • During the scriptwriting period, you will have a chance to meet regularly with your fellow authors to share and discuss your scripts.

  • Submissions should be one page maximum, detailing:

    • Genre

    • Setting

    • Time period

    • Story outline

Submissions are due September 15th. Email your submission to

Writing not your thing?

  • ​Once the scripting phase of the project is complete, we will need directors, sound designers and of course, actors!

  • ​This could be an ideal opportunity for you to take on a new role in a lower risk/lower stress setting.

For more information, contact Grant by emailing

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Submit a Story Outline

You can get involved as a writer for an episode by submitting a one page story outline to by September 15th. For more information, you can contact Grant by emailing this address.

6x30 Podcast: Apply Now
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